About Us

You want results?
Quickly, easily, permanently?
We are the ones to call!
Experienced, both personally and professionally, that’s us.

Greg: “Being a counselor and coach is my dream career. I have worked with kids and their families for over 30 years. Adults too can feel better more quickly with our programs especially if you have depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, or any other diagnosis.”  

We take almost every kind of insurance.   

Helping people dream, and I mean BIG, is so fun. Our coaching programs are ideal for designing your life, marriage, career, family. You want success? “Let’s make it happen”.
Personal Experience, Professional Experience, and a license to practice. We can work by phone, in our office, via FaceTime, or Skype. 

Happy, at peace, and full of love. That’s all we want for you. Let’s get it fast as possible … and permanently. 

We know what it’s like to worry, to not be happy, to struggle everyday, and to wonder if the pain could actually get any worse. We know because we have literally “been there and done that”.

Plus, we have the professional experience and expertise to help you. We know what we are doing and we have a track record to prove it.

We are highly trained experts and we are ready to help you with the Positive Reflections’ Less Talk, More Action programs.

With “Less Talk, More Action“, things are certain to get better. 

What do you want??? 
> Do you want results?
> Do you have little time and need results fast as possible?
> Do you want to make sure these results are long-lasting?

You've Come To The Right Place!

> We have the highest level of professional training
> We have all the professional degrees and licenses
> Over 30 years of experience ensures we know how
> We are personally experienced in every program

We have literally "been there and done that".


Why Greg?

> Over 30 years of experience > Raised 3 boys and now raising 2 step children
> Divorced
> Successful marriage
> Experienced college instructor
> Retired school counselor
> Therapist in adolescent residential treatment centers 
> We know what we are doing because we have "been there and done that" in addition to all the licenses, degrees, and certifications.

Kyndal , our Practice Manager,  has been working part time at Positive Reflections since the age of 12. When something needs to be done, she's there.  Billing, scheduling, client services, connecting with 3rd party payers, consulting with professionals for referrals, internet marketing, etc.  -  she does it all, and with the greatest of class.  She's smart, personable, and caring.  She is always ready to help. She will take care of you between appointments.  719-725-2399



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